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If only I was born in Italy

If only I was born in Italy

A slight extremity however it would mean that I’d have grown up around fresh pasta, authentic homemade sauces, thin based pizzas and gelato galore! Also I may have been able to contain my love for all of these food groups. You know not gorged on a extra large pizza to myself because my family would be making them homemade and not making them too big. I would have grown up on wine too – a drink that I wished I liked. I would feel like a proper adult as a bottle of wine is what you order on a romantic dinner date or to share with friends or to have at family gatherings. But I don’t like it, makes me make funny faces. I don’t feel like a proper adult because of it and the fact I don’t drink tea or coffee. *yes I heard you all gasp!*

I digress.

This is how happy I am to be back eating garlic bread.


If you’re thinking WTF?! my blog post May’s Mission was all about going a month with no garlic bread. I do also apologies for my rather red face. The sun had appeared and I’d forgot to apply sun cream.

So now Tim and I know that we can stick to a challenge, we have given ourselves another one for the month of July. NO PASTA OR PIZZA!!


It panics me this one. Pasta is a good part of my diet as I’m an ace at throwing together a spaghetti Bolognese sauce in next to no time and freezing it down. I think I have to say that pasta is my favourite food.

Our holiday to Italy to tick off #17 from my bucket list is fast approaching. I don’t want to be going over to the birthplace of pasta and be like ‘oh no I’ll have the salad please – I’m trying to lose weight’. I’m going over there to be like ‘order me one of everything and watch something spectacular’. So cutting out pasta and pizza will make us appreciate the taste of Italy’s finest in August.

I know that I still have to lose weight and I don’t think I’ve achieved a loss since starting this blog – I actually need to get some new batteries for our scales so I haven’t been able to weigh myself anyway. This challenge is more damage limitation.

Friday 30th June is pasta party! Its a celebration for my cousins 21st, as I cant make her surprise birthday plans, I’m having some family round for my last binge of pasta. Should be bloody lovely.

Also I’ve got fresh pasta for dinner tonight to use up.


May’s Mission

So in order for me to Sky Dive I need to lose weight. Who knew there was a weight limit?

To keep things simple and not deprive myself of everything that is tasty I looked at my bad eating habits (too many to actually list). I came up with the challenge for Tim and I to not eat garlic bread for the month.

This may sound silly to some but we have a tendency to eat this with everything.

Spaghetti Bolognese – garlic bread

Lasagne – garlic bread

Curry – garlic bread

Mid afternoon snack – garlic bread

You get the idea.

However it wouldn’t be just a slice or two. It would be a whole garlic baguette to ourselves (hangs head in shame – also hopes people do this too).

I saw this pop up on my news feed on Facebook the other day and had to share.


For more silly memes visit the site below


So we are 9 days into the challenge and we have had two pasta dishes. Luckily there is no garlic bread in the freezer otherwise it would have been cooked. I can’t say I’m missing it at the moment. Maybe it is just a habit we didn’t even know we were doing.

I will admit though – I had a garlic naan with an Indian at the weekend. But that’s completely different right?

Fingers crossed we can keep it up and possibly see a difference on the scales. Which reminds me I need to buy batteries for the bloody thing…..