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I’m so excited to announce that my trip to Peru is booked!


I paid the deposits for Tim and I to travel from La Paz, Bolivia to Lima, Peru. Somewhere in the middle of it is the Inca Trail trek.

I did wonder as to whether this bucket list goal would be achievable but now that we have committed to paying the money, we have already spent our money more wisely and talked about where to save more. I’ve dreamt about going for so long and I know it is a popular travelling destination but I don’t care. I can say I’ve trekked to Machu Picchu with the sun rising on my face and maybe with a new llama friend named Augusto.

After much deliberation of whether we are fit enough to do the trek, we thought it would be the perfect goal for us to slim down (as well as the excuse of 2 weddings in 2019).

Any tips for the trek would be fabulous!


The countdown has begun……