Rome 2 Home

Rome 2 Home

You may have found yourself here from my previous post #17 Complete to find out about a fundraising charity cycle ride.

My brother from another mother came up with an epic journey from Rome to Southampton, UK all on his push bike. Approximately over 1,400 miles over 14 days. He is doing this with one other bloke raising funds for Cystic Fibrosis Trust and Southampton Children’s Hospital Charity.

This is all in aid of one little boy. His son Samuel.


At 3 weeks old they found out he had Cystic Fibrosis. A disease that affects the lungs and the pancreas. Since then James (dad) & Grace (mum) have been doing all sorts of fundraising activities to raise monies to help with research.

Cystic fibrosis is a genetic disease. People with CF have inherited two copies of the defective CF gene — one copy from each parent. Both parents must have at least one copy of the defective gene.

People with only one copy of the defective CF gene are called carriers, but they do not have the disease. Each time two CF carriers have a child, the chances are:

  • 25 percent (1 in 4) the child will have CF
  • 50 percent (1 in 2) the child will be a carrier but will not have CF
  • 25 percent (1 in 4) the child will not be a carrier and will not have CF

The defective CF gene contains a slight abnormality called a mutation. There are more than 1,700 known mutations of the disease.


Image result for cystic fibrosis

The reason myself and Tim made the effort and flew all the way over to Rome to see them off is because we are Samuel’s ‘aunty’ and ‘uncle’. I babysit him every Friday. We cycle home from school together and then get up to mischief until he gets picked up. We have even had sleepovers and day trips. His personality is infectious. He can talk for England (he gets that from his mother) and he also helped me during me stint of anxiety and depression. Just talking to a child can lighten anyone’s mood!


Samuel’s day to day routine is taking tablets every time he eats so his digestive system will absorb all the nutrients properly. He has a nebuliser called Tom that he has to use plus a portable mask that restricts him breathing out so essentially making his lungs work harder to help shift mucus. It is very important for Samuel to keep active. The more he runs around being a kid the more chance he has of stopping mucus becoming stuck in his lungs and consequently prolongs the time until physiotherapy is needed.

So back to the challenge. If you click on this link below and scroll down to the Route section you can see all the stages James & Mike had to complete.

They gave themselves a target to raise £5,000 for the charities and have blown that target which is awesome! If you’d like to donate or just check out their running total then follow the link below

Throughout the 2 weeks the riders and families have had many ups and downs. One families car even broke down in France and couldn’t be fixed! So its been towed back to England. However they all made it home safely on Saturday 19th August where a welcome home party was waiting for them.

The final stats for the guys were;
1,446.6 miles
108 hours 6 minutes of cycling time
79,622ft of climbing



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