Out with the old and in with the new

Assessing my finances and relieving some pressure. I have decided to swap 2 of my challenges for different ones.

#3 Bolivian Salt Flats is now – #3 Help save the Ocean

#20 Play rugby for Hampshire is now – #20 Recreate the Love Actually Wedding

Is this cheating? Quite possibly. But I want to feel a sense of achievement by completing all my goals rather than becoming stressed that I haven’t. 

Since my travel bug was well and truly caught in 2009 I have non-stopped day dreaming of all the places I have wanted to go. Machu Picchu has been high, if not, the highest on my list. So originally I thought if I’m going all that way to South America for Peru I may as well add on a trip to Bolivia. But now I’m realising that we just wont have the money. We have worked our way out of debt from moving into a house so I’m putting my sensible head on (sad face) and deciding to put all of our energy and efforts into the Machu Picchu trip. Plus I also think my answer to Tim’s ‘So why are we going to the Salt Flats?’ was ‘Because why not?’ just didn’t make the cut.

To find out why I chose to help save the ocean click on the link below
#3 Help save the Ocean

Changing the rugby goal was a tough decision for me. I’ve been playing since I turned 16. I’ve been committed to the sport for over a decade now but my mental health has in recent years corrupted how I play. I’m fine playing with my close rugby pals at my original club. However women’s rugby players can be few and far between so when we joined forces with another ‘somewhat’ local team I had different people to deal with. Some of these negative situations have made me think again and again as to whether I want to play. Deep down I do want to play but the travelling to training and games can be a bit tedious. Plus Sunday (game day) is the only full day I have to spend with Tim. This makes me feel guilty. It makes me over think – again.
After recent weeks concentrating on my Tae Kwon Do grading I have come to like the routine of this training. Instead of ruining that routine to replace it with another that may not be as successful, why would I change it? So I made the decision to not go back to rugby next season. I then found my new pair of club socks in my drawer and I sighed. Plus I got very jealous of my rugby pals talking about the up coming season. I think now this is more of a friendship issue than it is a playing the sport issue.
If I stop going to rugby, are my rugby friends still want to hang out with me? Are they going to create a different Whatsapp group? Are they going to find someone better to replace me? All these crazy reasons run through my head. The only way to find out is letting it pan out and trust my decision. Get rid of my FOMO!! (Fear Of Missing Out). I’m the oldest out of these rugby girls so my life is taking a different path to theirs and naturally people move on. I need to think of the positives, maybe this will lead me to bigger and better things. Maybe things wont change. I’ve just got to put my big girl pants on and take a plunge into the unknown.

To find out why I chose recreate the Love Actually wedding as a goal, click on the link below:
#20 Recreate the Love Actually Wedding


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