#14 check! Day 1

#14 check! Day 1

First item can be ticked off the bucket list! #14 go to a festival.

The day had finally come that me and my rugby pals were all going to Bournemouth 7s. All the build up and excitement over the past few months decided to disappear, instead I had the sense of ‘WTF did I sign myself up for’. Not the best of starts.

Not sure where I was going – fuck

Loads of people – double fuck

Sun was blazingly hot – triple fuck

Seeing as my pals had been to Bournemouth 7s already they knew the drill so I followed like a little sheep until I got my bearings.  However I found out that I walk considerably slower than everyone else. (In the past I have refused to walk at ‘Londoners speed’ whilst visiting the capital because I had no rush to be anywhere). Once I knew where the toilets and many a beer tent were I was fine to dawdle.

I’m not too bad when it comes to a vast amount of people. What does it for me is my mind constantly thinking ‘were they looking at me?’ ‘are they judging me?’ ‘they are sure thinking I’m fat’ ‘they just made disgusted eyes at me’. Which is absurd. I’m sure half of the 30,000 + people that attended the weekend didn’t even know or care that I were there. But my mind told me differently. What a bitch.

The blaring hot sun. I have a love/hate relationship with that too. I love a tan but I just can’t do anything in the heat. I literally shut down as I get too hot very quickly. So there I am wearing a heavier t-shirt and shorts to cover up from the sun which meant that I sweated a lot more than if I had had a vest top on. Delightful. My mind now telling me everyone is staring at my sweaty brow. However I managed to keep on going to get our stuff in our tents so we could then get on with the rest of the weekend.

I had paid for a span dangle wristband of V.VIP so this meant I could jump the queue with 3 of my friends. It was so worth the money as the queuing system had no shelter. I would have melted if I had to wait for 2 hours in the midday day sun. But also on the other hand, if the British weather was its usual pissing with rain, everything would have been soaked.  I felt rather smug whilst walking past people who had clearly forgot to apply sun cream. That would teach the hot guy who was just wearing budgie smugglers to be ‘peacocking’.

The other half of my wristband was GLAMPING. No lugging a tent to and from the car or having arguments with your friends whilst trying to put it up or take it down. These tepees or yurts were fab! Blow up bed already set up for you with duvet, pillow, free coconut water and fairy lights to help you see at night. But we still had to do 3 trips to the car as we had seemed to have brought a metric tonne of crap with us. Plus side – I did my 10,000 steps by 3pm.

Unpacking done, now time for a little chill before the evening of drinking commences.

We had recently bought lazi-beds from Go Outdoors (click on link to find out more; http://www.gooutdoors.co.uk/freedom-trail-lazi-bed-lounger-p397884) which were the best invention ever! We set them up outside our tent and sat in the sun trying to not get burnt. Some guys also thought they were cool as they ended up coming and siting with us for the rest of the afternoon. We all became fast friends. Yes that’s me with an umbrella hat on. I’m the definition of cool.


Friday night is a party just for players. So only one third of the arena was opened and only 4,000 people were on site partying. After having a shower and getting even more sweaty in the porta showers, we all headed out. My new friend is officially my bum bag. I’m a big fan of pockets myself but the bum bag had more room and was safer.

Tonight I was still working out my bearings and how I stood with some of my other team mates. I’ve known them now for nearly 3 years but I still get nervous and anxious in case they actually don’t like me and wonder why I am there. So I didn’t drink too much tonight. Bonus for my wallet but I may have looked a little awkward dancing as I definitely felt it! I’ve come to realise that I don’t actually know too many of the new songs out in the charts, so everyone was screaming when a cool new song came on but I was there like ‘Who is this?’ ‘I cant hear the lyrics’ like the 80 year old I am. **I am the eldest out of these guys at 27 and have been known as the fairy squad mother**

I hate dancing at the best of times. I prefer a good Macarena or cha cha slide where you know where you stand with the dance moves.  But after a while I relaxed and threw some of my medium shapes around the Somersby Cider tent.

Making plans for a group of people is always hard. The organiser makes sure everyone else is happy. You feel obliged to


But this night I wish I had! **Booooooo hiss bad friend** I all hear you shout. Well when it comes to friends and food – I chose food! Especially if you haven’t eaten properly all day and had a few cold ones. Drunken walk home food is essential for any night out.

I made actions to people I was getting food but then it was decided we would all go together at a certain time. So like a sheep I followed suit and waited. The time came and people were still having much fun making friends with guys. So I went off with another friend who was actually ready and found out that the food stalls were CLOSED. I REPEAT CLOSED. So then its having to explain it to everyone and the people moaning the most were the ones who weren’t ready at the scheduled time. So from that moment on in my eyes it was every man for himself. Don’t worry we didn’t all go hungry. We had snacks back at base but nothing substantial.

Got into the comfy bed and started to shut off. But there is never silence at a festival. There’s always one person who can stay up all night talking with the loudest voice a human could possibly have. I’m not one to complain as I’m sure I’ve been that person at some point so I snuggled down for some sleep.



the heavens open and a beautiful lightning show illuminated our tents until the wee hours of the morning. I love my sleep so I thought I would just sleep until late morning, an hour or so before we had to play rugby. No, no. I was up and awake at 0630.


More shenanigans to follow….


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