Packing a love/hate relationship

#14 on my list is go to a festival.

I actually quite like packing for holidays. I normally do it a month or so in advance. Because I’m excited and also to test out weight limits.

It’s now 10 days before I go to Bournemouth 7s and I have no clue what to pack! So currently hating the thought of packing random shit and hoping for the best.

(If you want to know more about Bournemouth 7s click the link here;

I’m rather excited as I’ve been jealous of my friends for 4 years now but I have always had reason why I could not make the festival. It has been a huge topic amongst my rugby pals since October 2016 and lately I have given up being patient. I want to be there now!

We’ve organised our fancy dress outfits, tour shirts and designed our own swanky rugby kit for the occasion. We used a major sponsor of the festival; Viper 10 who make kits for rugby and netball teams with a cool 3D Kit Designer (follow link to find out more; )

Its all well and good wanting to jump the gun and wish my work days away to be with my friends, playing the sport I love, drinking, dancing and feeling carefree. BUT what the fuck do I pack?

I’ve been a *whispers* girl guide so I can survive in a bivvy bag overnight no problem. However I have a feeling its not just as simple as that. My preconception is that a festival is also a catwalk. To look your best with a pair of wellies in tow. **Except my calf muscles are so god damn big I cant fit in wellies**

How does a chubby tom boy do this without feeling inferior to the slinky girls in crop tops and flower headbands?

My ‘don’t give a fuck’ inner self is – go comfy – don’t give a second thought about people’s opinions. I’ve always had the mantra of changing in public places / rugby clubs – ‘if they don’t like what they see they wont look again.’ Please note I don’t just get naked in public for the sake of it.

My reasonable inner self is – pack for every occasion – compromise and take something half decent so you feel part of the crowd but travel there and back in my trackies and rugby top.

My anxious inner self is – buy EVERYTHING new, get the latest trends, ALWAYS BE COOL – but I don’t have the money and I’d probably feel more self conscious because I’m dressed up in things that I feel potentially do not suit my body shape.

So I thought I’d search on Google and see if some websites gave me any more insight.

After giving these a read I feel more relaxed about taking some items of clothing that I don’t mind getting beer and possibly mud on. (these are inevitably comfy – winning!)

Some handy tips I picked up and didn’t think about packing were; plasters, torch, bin bags, magazines plus notepad and pen (to write down some memories for this blog). Then, most importantly, ID! This may sound silly but I HATE taking a bag anywhere. This probably is because I used to take a rucksack on days out with friends and I’d end up carrying all THEIR crap in MY bag. I quickly learnt that pockets were the way forward. Also because I really only drink at my local rugby club where everyone knows I’m over 18 I forget to carry ID on me. So a post it note is stuck on my kitchen table at home so I don’t forget.

So now I’ve got my clothes all sorted, my next mammoth decision is what to do with my hair! Pictures of the weekend’s events are inevitably going to be uploaded onto social media. Plus some nice ones to post on here.

As I am growing my hair to eventually cut off for charity (#19 on my list) I can’t just go short to eliminate all my problems. I already have an undercut to help me not get too hot with having long hair. Plus I shall be sweating. Regardless of the weather, I shall be sweating. I’ll be dancing and get hot, I’ll be playing rugby and getting hot so my hair is likely to go greasy pretty quickly.

Again I took to Google and found some ideas and tips from the ghd website. This is mostly due to me only having 3 hairstyles – down straight, up in a pony tail or up in a bun.

I’m thinking of plaits for most of the weekend to keep my fringe out of my face plus maybe a cool pattern in my undercut.

After making my bed look like a tip I have managed to organise and pack as much as possible now to reduce the panic and stress of last minute packing. I have also breathed a big sigh of relief.

Fingers crossed I don’t forget anything!



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