May’s Mission

So in order for me to Sky Dive I need to lose weight. Who knew there was a weight limit?

To keep things simple and not deprive myself of everything that is tasty I looked at my bad eating habits (too many to actually list). I came up with the challenge for Tim and I to not eat garlic bread for the month.

This may sound silly to some but we have a tendency to eat this with everything.

Spaghetti Bolognese – garlic bread

Lasagne – garlic bread

Curry – garlic bread

Mid afternoon snack – garlic bread

You get the idea.

However it wouldn’t be just a slice or two. It would be a whole garlic baguette to ourselves (hangs head in shame – also hopes people do this too).

I saw this pop up on my news feed on Facebook the other day and had to share.


For more silly memes visit the site below

So we are 9 days into the challenge and we have had two pasta dishes. Luckily there is no garlic bread in the freezer otherwise it would have been cooked. I can’t say I’m missing it at the moment. Maybe it is just a habit we didn’t even know we were doing.

I will admit though – I had a garlic naan with an Indian at the weekend. But that’s completely different right?

Fingers crossed we can keep it up and possibly see a difference on the scales. Which reminds me I need to buy batteries for the bloody thing…..

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